Having Two Versions Of XULRunner On The Same Computer: Was 'OLPC Policies Question Concerning Upgrading Default Installed Software'

anthony at evolutionindesignz.com anthony at evolutionindesignz.com
Wed Jan 11 18:27:06 EST 2012

Thank you all for your very useful input. From the information 
provided, it appears that upgrading to version 8.0 is fraught with risk.

Would there be any issues if we install a second copy of XULRunner on 
the OLPC computer?

For the tests that I described that I did, I installed a second copy of 
XULRunner on the same OLPC computer. I called my application by pointing 
to this second path rather than the default XULRunner.

Would there be any concerns about having two versions of XULRunner on 
the same OLPC computer?

On 11.01.2012 17:26, Chris Ball wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Jan 11 2012, anthony at evolutionindesignz.com wrote:
>> Does the OLPC project have any policies against upgrading the 
>> default
>> versions of the software installed on the OLPC laptop?
>> In particular, we are having issues with XULRunner We are
>> considering unstalling this version and replacing it with XULRunner
>> 8.0.
> We have no policies against what people in OLPC deployments do with
> software, so the question is just whether the upgrade does what you 
> want
> it to.  I don't know anything about upgrading to 8.0, so I don't 
> think I
> can help with working out whether that's a wise idea.
> (I don't think I know you -- do you want to tell us about which
> deployment you're involved with?)
> - Chris.

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