Will the XO-4 need nonfree firmware

Richard Stallman rms at gnu.org
Fri Dec 7 16:11:53 EST 2012

    Users can't get them unlocked where I know and the (volunteer)
    development community couldn't obtain development keys, but I'm not
    totally sure about that. My main information source is the
    olpc-uruguay mailing list and I can't affirm something like that
    without a stronger evidence. John might have them...

When I was in Uruguay and investigated this question, I concluded
that the users could get their machines unlocked but that most of them
were not asking the right people.

If there is clear evidence of GPL violation -- such as, "They said to
ask XYZ, we asked XYZ, and here's the response we got" -- the FSF
could take action.  Vague reports of GPL violations are as unhelpful
as vague bug reports as far as fixing things is concerned.

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