Will the XO-4 need nonfree firmware

S. Daniel Francis francis at sugarlabs.org
Thu Dec 6 18:44:33 EST 2012


2012/12/6 David Lang <david at lang.hm>:
> The question is who the owner is. Is the owner the national entity that paid
> for them? or is it the child who it is given to?
> If it's the child, they should be able to get it unlocked.
The agreement says the computer is owned by the child when it finishes
the courses.

> It's very nice when the person carrying it has that access, but if they
> didn't buy it, I don't afree that they have a right to change it.

Where I can remember, the main restriction in the agreement is that
the laptop can be opened (to fix a problem internally) only by the
authorized centres. If the user opens the laptop and crashes it, the
authorized centres don't fix it.

About Richard's message:

Users can't get them unlocked where I know and the (volunteer)
development community couldn't obtain development keys, but I'm not
totally sure about that. My main information source is the
olpc-uruguay mailing list and I can't affirm something like that
without a stronger evidence. John might have them...
The restriction never affected the _users_ and now it isn't affecting
the developers because there are documented some hacks to reset the
root password and disable the security.

Daniel Francis.

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