Blinking red battery light on XO-1

James Cameron quozl at
Fri Aug 3 23:53:59 EDT 2012

On Fri, Aug 03, 2012 at 08:38:05PM -0700, Hal Murray wrote:
> quozl at said:
> > To avoid it powering off, type lid-off and press enter.  Yes, you only have
> > eight seconds to do this. 
> The printout said that, but I didn't even get started typing before
> it timed out.

Yes, but I wanted you to be ready to have to do it.

> I'm not sure where 8 seconds came from.  If that happened often
> enough I'd probably be able to do it fast enough.  But that was the
> first time I had seen it.  I wasn't quick enough to read and
> understand and type.  Remember, I was trying to not destroy the
> evidence so I was going slowly.

Sure, not a criticism, just making sure you have the tools you need.

The eight seconds comes from here:

There's a two second delay before the message appears.

The timer starts as soon as ok is printed.

James Cameron

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