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Paul Fox pgf at
Tue Sep 6 10:56:29 EDT 2011

daniel wrote:
 > Hi,
 > As proposed in the thread titled "11.3.0 ARM repo setup", the dropbox
 > setup for ARM is changing to bring it inline with x86, as it moves
 > into the 11.3.0 stream.
 > This means:
 > - The f14-arm dropbox is no longer being included in builds
 > - Now that Fedora has an established ARM build system, we will return
 > to using the RPM dropboxes for exceptional circumstances only. That
 > is, the small quantity of packages that we have that are not in
 > Fedora, and the small set of packages that we have forked for
 > exceptional reasons. See
 > - If packaging work is needed at the Fedora level, me and Peter can
 > take care of that - just ask.
 > - The 'f14-xo1.75' dropbox is to be used for anything that is specific
 > to the XO-1.75 laptop at the hardware level. The only 2 packages that
 > fall into this category are bootfw and kernel.
 > - The 'f14' dropbox is to be used for everything else that falls into
 > dropbox criteria for XO-1.75, e.g. runin-tests, our trivially-forked
 > Sugar package, etc  (yes, it is OK to mix arm and x86 packages in the
 > same repo, yum does the right thing). Stuff that is mainline Fedora
 > (e.g. powerd, olpc-utils) should *not* be put here - it should instead
 > be pulled in through Fedora channels.

can you clarify the final point?  if a package is in an f14 dropbox,
and it also exists in the fedora repo, what is the result if:
    - the dropbox version is the same as the fedora version?
    - the dropbox version is newer than the fedora version?
    - the dropbox version is older than the fedora version?  (but i
	hope the answer to this is the obvious "use fedora")

in any case, is a warning generated during the build proces as
to the conflict?

part of my question is this -- if, say, kbdshim needs a quick fix,
it sounds like you're saying there's no point in my putting it in
my dropbox at all.  i should test with my own (private) rpm, and
release nothing but the tarball for you or peter to deal with.  is
that right?


 > If people could move their f14-arm packages into the appropriate
 > dropbox today that would be much appreciated. If not, I will abuse
 > some admin powers and do that on your behalf tomorrow.
 > Thanks,
 > Daniel
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