Need To Know: How to get the latest Help Activity on Macs and PCs???

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Wed Oct 26 03:36:37 EDT 2011

Hi all,

After discussing this with Caryl in the community summit, my 
understanding is that you want to reorganise the content into new 
chapters that are longer than the existing ones. Booki (the software 
behind FLOSS Manuals) doesn't support such merging except via copy and 
paste of content.

In case you still want to remix some existing chapters instead of just 
copying and pasting it all, here's a few clarifications:

* You don't want to use the "Remix" section of as 
that produces a PDF export, not a book that can be edited further.

* To import chapters from a book that is not on the same FLOSS Manuals / 
Booki site, you'd first need to import the remote book to the local site 
(page "My manuals" section "Import Manual").

* To import a chapter from another local book, you'd want to use the 
"Import Chapter" link on top of the Table of contents view of the book 
editor. In the dialog, a book/chapter browsing widget pending, "Book id" 
and "Chapter id" refer to the parts such as "xo" and "about-olpc" 
respectively of a chapter URI of the form

Let me know how it goes,

2011-10-25 22:36, Walter Bender kirjoitti:
> On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 8:59 PM, Caryl Bigenho<cbigenho at>  wrote:
>>> Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 20:46:23 -0400
>>> Subject: Re: Need To Know: How to get the latest Help Activity on Macs and
>>> PCs???
>>> From: walter.bender at
>>> To: cbigenho at
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>>> iaep at
>>> On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 8:39 PM, Caryl Bigenho<cbigenho at>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hi Walter,
>>>> The Help Activity we want to work from is 11.3.0. It is version 13 and
>>>> was
>>>> updated by Bastien, David Farning, and Brian Jordan.  I don't think they
>>>> did
>>>> anything with the Turtle Art Activity. As far as I can see, the last
>>>> work on
>>>> it was done in 2008 during, or soon after, the Book Sprint.  I you have
>>>> 11.3.0 running on an XO you can check it over and be sure of the status
>>>> and
>>>> contents.
>>> I thought that the idea was to pull fresh content from the Wikibooks
>>> we had written and that the TA book was one of the sources, hence I
>>> updated it. I'll try downloading the latest help activity bits and
>>> check them. Are they not available on ASLO?
>> Yes, we would like to import the newest versions taken from updated manuals.
>> That is what Tuukka is helping with.  But even then, they may need some
>> "tweaking" for the latest 11.3.0 Also, some that are much longer than the
>> original SECTIONS may not be used in their entirety, but instead will be
>> referenced with links. We are a bit concerned about space and don't want the
>> Activity SECTIONS to be long enough to be a whole separate manual. The idea
>> is to get folks off to a good start with an Activity and have them do one or
>> 2 projects.  Then they can go to the Activity's own manual to learn more.
>> Now, "true confessions," I am not familiar with the acronym "ASLO."  What
>> does it refer to and how can we use it to make the FLOSS manual revisions?
>> Is it something we can use to read and edit the material on our laptops/
>> Caryl
> Thanks. It is all starting to become clearer as to what has been
> done/what needs to be done.
> Sorry about the use of the acronym. As Kevin explained, it refers to
> The version stored there was last updated in
> July.
> I am still not quite sure the best way to contribute: presumably not
> by submitting a patch (a file that itemizes the difference between the
> current version and my proposed changes). For the time being, I'll
> continue to update the FLOSSmanual itself and offer Tuukka some help.
> Is there a bug report associated with the Booki problem he is
> encountering?
> regards.
> -walter
>>> thanks.
>>> -walter
>>>> We should be able to import chapters from other FLOSS manuals, such as
>>>> your
>>>> Turtle Art manual, although I have had some difficulty making it work.
>>>>   Tuukka wrote the latest version of booki and he is going to check it to
>>>> see
>>>> if there is a problem that needs fixing.
>>>> Sandra Thaxter wasn't at the SF Summit but has signed up to help with
>>>> the
>>>> Turtle Art sections.  You may wish to contact her and sign up to work
>>>> with
>>>> her. Links and directions for doing so are here:
>>> Is this somehow different from editing the wikibook? Doesn't make sense.
>>>> People will be working remotely and then cutting and pasting their work
>>>> into
>>>> booki or entering it directly at the booki site. That is why we need to
>>>> know
>>>> how to get the current version on our laptops. Then everyone can work in
>>>> the
>>>> mode they are most comfortable with.
>>> It is fine to let people work in whatever way they want, but we need a
>>> common place to put the results. If that is not the wikimanual, then
>>> why isn't it simply the wiki itself?
>>> I guess I should have been there in person instead of trying to
>>> participate remotely :P
>>> -walter
>>>> Caryl
>>>>> Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 19:40:58 -0400
>>>>> Subject: Re: Need To Know: How to get the latest Help Activity on Macs
>>>>> and
>>>>> PCs???
>>>>> From: walter.bender at
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>>>>> devel at; dowdle at; christian at
>>>>> On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 6:51 PM, Caryl Bigenho<cbigenho at>
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Folks,
>>>>>> As most of you already know, a group of people have volunteered to
>>>>>> write
>>>>>> an
>>>>>> up-to-date revision of the Help Activity that will be available
>>>>>> online,
>>>>>> in a
>>>>>> print version via Lulu, and on the XO itself.  We set things up at
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> great
>>>>>> Community Summit in San Francisco last weekend, and are ready to
>>>>>> start
>>>>>> work.
>>>>> Do you know if the updates I made to the Turtle Art manual were pulled
>>>>> in?
>>>>> Curious.
>>>>> -walter
>>>>>> We want to take advantage of the most recent revisions that are
>>>>>> currently
>>>>>> available in the Help Activity rather than the older, more "dated"
>>>>>> versions
>>>>>> in the older online FLOSS manual.  Why reinvent the wheel?  All
>>>>>> previous
>>>>>> authors and editors will be credited in the new version.
>>>>>> The most up-to-date/Sugarized edition is Version 13, as included in
>>>>>> Release
>>>>>> 11.3.0  RC3 / Build 882 (or 883) It is downloadable at:
>>>>>> Most of us are writing on Macs and PCs running a variety of OS'es. If
>>>>>> someone knows how to download the most up-to-date file (linked above)
>>>>>> in
>>>>>> a
>>>>>> readable/editable  form on a Mac (or PC), please tell us how and also
>>>>>> post
>>>>>> the instructions on this page
>>>>>> And, while you are on that page, if you feel motivated to join in the
>>>>>> revision effort, just sign up for whichever section you would like to
>>>>>> help
>>>>>> with!
>>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>>> chrCaryl
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