[support-gang] Need To Know: How to get the latest Help Activity on Macs and PCs???

Kevin Mark kevin.mark at verizon.net
Tue Oct 25 20:35:15 EDT 2011

On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 03:51:31PM -0700, Caryl Bigenho wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> As most of you already know, a group of people have volunteered to write an
> up-to-date revision of the Help Activity that will be available online, in a
> print version via Lulu, and on the XO itself.  We set things up at the great
> Community Summit in San Francisco last weekend, and are ready to start work.
> We want to take advantage of the most recent revisions that are currently
> available in the Help Activity rather than the older, more "dated" versions in
> the older online FLOSS manual.  Why reinvent the wheel?  All previous authors
> and editors will be credited in the new version. 
> The most up-to-date/Sugarized edition is Version 13, as included in Release
> 11.3.0  RC3 / Build 882 (or 883) It is downloadable at: http://
> activities.sugarlabs.org//en-US/sugar/addon/4051
> Most of us are writing on Macs and PCs running a variety of OS'es. If someone
> knows how to download the most up-to-date file (linked above) in a readable/
> editable  form on a Mac (or PC), please tell us how and also post the
> instructions on this page http://j.mp/xomanual

This is how I got 'access' to the manual via linux:
#download the help sugar bundle
wget -q -O help-13.xo http://activities.sugarlabs.org//en-US/sugar/downloads/latest/4051/addon-4051-latest.xo?src=addondetail
#unpack the sugar bundle
unzip help-13.xo
#go to the html main directory
cd Help.activity/help
#open my web browser to view the main page
links2 Main_Credits.html

I'm not sure the best way to translate this to other platforms.

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Fortune's Rules for Memo Wars: #2

Given the incredible advances in sociocybernetics and telepsychology over
the last few years, we are now able to completely understand everything that
the author of an memo is trying to say.  Thanks to modern developments
in electrocommunications like notes, vnews, and electricity, we have an
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never known.  Thus, the possibility of your misinterpreting someone else's
memo is practically nil.  Knowing this, anyone who accuses you of having
done so is a liar, and should be treated accordingly.  If you *do* understand
the memo in question, but have absolutely nothing of substance to say, then
you have an excellent opportunity for a vicious ad hominem attack.  In fact,
the only *inappropriate* times for an ad hominem attack are as follows:

	1: When you agree completely with the author of an memo.
	2: When the author of the original memo is much bigger than you are.
	3: When replying to one of your own memos.

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