EC corruption by q2f04rc firmware

Richard A. Smith richard at
Tue Oct 25 21:45:54 EDT 2011

On 10/22/2011 03:42 PM, Yioryos Asprobounitis wrote:

> Used q2f04rc firmware in my old XO-1 (os882) and I got repetitive EC corruption requiring removal of battery to reset.
> The most reliable method to trigger  corruption is to suspend the XO-1 (power button).
> All the XO lights go off there is one blink of the camera led, then the charge light comes up for 1 second (while not plugged in an outlet), then everything goes off (no blinking power light).
> On wakeup keyboard and touchpad are dead, but an external mouse works fine.
> On restart after that, OFW suggests to reset the EC by removing battery and power plug.
> Before I stumbled on the suspend trick, I had a keyboard miss-mapping that also required EC reset to fix.
> Back to q2e48 everything is back to normal.

Thanks for testing.  I'm traveling and the XO-1 I have with me is just a 
bare PCB so I'll have to wait and look at this when I get back.

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