After 11.3.0, 11.3.1 - notes

Martin Langhoff martin at
Mon Oct 17 14:50:34 EDT 2011

The 11.3.0 cycle is coming to a close. Hopefully without distracting
too much from it, I wanted to circulate some brief notes on what

The steering goals for 11.3.0 have been to have a good quality release
for deployments using XO-1 and XO-1.5, and a known-stable stack to
serve as scaffolding to the XO-1.75 efforts. We haven't finished
11.3.0 yet but I think there is ample evidence that it is working.

On the XO-1.75 front, we are clearly a little further from finished --
our release candidates for XO-1.75 aren't really. But that's natural
with software changes riding on top of hardware changes.

So our plan is to release 11.3.0 as planned; and open a second
deep-freeze bugfix window that will lead to 11.3.1 . During this
period we will accept

 - XO-1.75 platform improvements -- namely drivers and kernel fixes.

 - High importance regression bugs elsewhere in the stack, only after
careful triaging. After the 11.3.0 cycle, we don't expect any here.

The timeframe for this bugfix window is still unclear.

The dashing Daniel will be released from his release management duties
once he releases 11.3.0. For the 11.3.1, I will drive the release
process, and will be begging for help from experienced RMs (hi Simon!)
and Peter for the build process. Not only we are losing a widely
feared RM, but also a fantastic debugger and across-the-stack hacker.
Hoping Daniel continues to work with us going forward.

After 11.3.x, we have a major leap ahead. The next development
cycle breaks all of our toys, with systemd, gtk/PyGO, GNOME3,
NetworkManager, Linux 3.x on x86 and F-16-ARMv7HL. Too bad Debian has
the "Lenny" name taken.


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