Browse-129 PDF fork for 11.3.0

Manuel QuiƱones manuq at
Tue Oct 4 22:00:42 EDT 2011

Hi Daniel,

2011/10/4 Daniel Drake <dsd at>:
> Hi,
> As agreed yesterday I had a quick look at the PDF plugin reader for
> 11.3.0 and the addition of ARM support.
> Thanks to the earlier packaging by Gonzalo this was actually very
> easy. Pushed to
> packaged into:
> Tested on both XO-1.5 and and XO-1.75, seems to be working as well as before.
> I think our discussion yesterday was leaning towards shipping this if
> it could be restored without too much hassle - which has now been
> done. Any objections?
> It would be great to get a little more testing before I put it in the build.

Do you think is worth a try to fix the following bugs?

olpc #10514 Scrolling using the arrow keys or dpad in Browse

I've sent a patch in that ticket.  Still, there is a problem with the
focus of the embed.

SL #2934 Browse PDF plugin does not have working tooltips

This is an easy one.

SL #2935 Browse PDF plugin in Fullscreen mode lacks an obvious way to
get out of Fullscreen mode


.. manuq ..

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