Announcing the development of OLPC OS 11.3.1

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> On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 2:39 PM, Chris Leonard <cjlhomeaddress at>
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> > Well, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't advocate for L10n and Daniel
> > wouldn't be doing his if he didn't raise caution flags about issues he
> has
> :-)
> Get us some translations! Whatever happens, it won't be a wasted
> effort -- worst case, they'll go to 12.3.0!
> We'll review the delta, and discuss with the team. My position is
> that, if we have the manpower to test them...
>  - Translations in languages we ship in our build are high value, if
> we include the translation, and use that inclusion to trigger an
> explicit test of that l10n, it's a win.
>  - Translations in languages that OLPC doesn't ship are also
> worthwhile to get into Sugar. Those deployments that need them will
> use OOB to prep their image.

The work of motivating the localizers never stops :-)   If you look back,
what had prompted my original response was a question of whether there was
a target date for "inclusion".  It is just in the nature of people that
some are motivated by having a deadline to meet.  We do see bursts of
activity in some languages when we announce a string freeze, whereas other
localizers just keep on plowing through strings without reagrd to the
release schedules.

Any translated string we get is a win, if it is not a featured language for
an OLPC build, it will still go out in distro packages or an SOAS version
at some point or be available for an OLPC "point release" when needed.

Just to clue you in on what is expected in the near-ish term, we've got
Sugar Camp Lima which should be generating a solid set of strings for
Quechua and Aymara.  The Mexico team that did such fast work on Huastec
seems to be gearing up to take on Nahuatl.  There is a Thai language effort
in the planning stages to support a new deployment there and Armenian keeps
on pushing forward.  We've recently picked up a few individual localizers
in Russian and Chinese (several variants) and I continue to hope for some
splill-over effect Paiwastoon's plans to localize Ubuntu in Afghani
languages (Pashto and / or Dari).

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