toolchain for sugarizing local browser apps, game jam

Carlos Nazareno object404 at
Wed Nov 2 16:21:45 EDT 2011

Hi guys.

Currently in Auckland, NZ now.

Went to the game developer meetup last night and tossed the idea of an
OLPC game jam for students and pro/hobbyist game developers to Stephen
Knightly (chairperson of the NZ Game Developers Association -> )

Problem is that there aren't enough Python coders and not everyone has
the luxury of learning python.

Perhaps other platforms that can run on the XO?

For you guys who've been doing this, like in Nepal, Is there any good
documentation out there for Sugarizing Javascript/CSS/Canvas/HTML5
apps or any "web bundles" (Java applet/Flash applet packages) in
general? Something that people with *zero* Python experience and who
work on Windows & Mac can use.

Another reason I'm big on cross-platform stuff for the XO is that so
OLPC kids do not become "digital 2nd hand digital citizens" - they
should be able to enjoy the same apps "the cool rich kids" use.

We're looking at a possible pitch for the idea to at the auckland game
dev meetup on January as a talk. Game jams are big right now, esp with and for people who're into the demo scene instead of building some stuff just to show off mad
skillz for free anyway, how about tapping them and building stuff for
kids? Even interactive digital art stuff?

Hope everyone is well,


carlos nazareno

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