EC corruption by q2f04rc firmware

Richard A. Smith richard at
Wed Nov 2 10:15:17 EDT 2011

On 10/31/2011 03:34 PM, Hal Murray wrote:

> Ahh... found it.  I only get the red LED if the battery is fully charged.
> What do you call the LED next to the battery LED that indicates that the
> system is running?

The power LED.

   That's tangled up in this confusion too.  I've seen my
> system running when that LED is off and seen it turn on when I poke the
> power-off button and back off when I try to start the system.  I'll call it
> the CPU LED.
> Starting with a full battery and no AC, the pattern is:
>    battery LED is off, CPU LED is on
>    close lid
>    short delay
>    CPU LED goes out
>    few second delay
>    battery LED goes orange
>    few second delay
>    battery LED goes red
>    pause
>    open lid (I've got it setup to auto start)
>    system goes active, CPU LED stays off, battery LED stays red, keyboard
> doesn't work

Thanks for everyone's help testing.  I'm back in the US now and tried 
this on a XO-1 in a system rather than just a bare board.  I've 
duplicated the problem.  I'll work on fixing the problems and make a new 

Richard A. Smith  <richard at>
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