L10n of non-Sugar build elements

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 22:46:22 EDT 2011

As current XO builds come with a boot into GNOME UI option, we should be
considering the localization process of those UI elements as well.  I am
guessing (and only guessing) that the PO/MO files are pulled from upstream
in the build process.  It would be highly desirable to develop a complete
listing of the UI elements (GNOME, Fedora or other included applications)
and where their L10n is hosted so that a completely localized build can be
provided.  This is probasbly not an issue for many European languages, but
OLPC deployments include a number of less common languages that may not be
well covered upstream and we should be pointing our L10n community to where
they need to go to do this work.

The bottom of this page lists a number of upstream projects (not hosted on
our Pootle instance) that benefit OLPC / Sugar, but I am sure the list is


Is there a developer that would collaborate with me on developing this list
of UI elements so I can hunt down their primary L10n hosting and develop
documentation on the wiki so that our more "exotic" language localizers can
easily perform the needed L10n work to provide a completely localized UI in
either Sugar or GNOME options?

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