Discovering the XOs local timezone in a bash script

Richard A. Smith richard at
Sat Mar 12 22:40:20 EST 2011

On 03/12/2011 10:21 PM, Samuel Greenfeld wrote:
> The XO image OLPC supplies defaults to UTC. Users can select a time zone
> offset in Sugar if they want, but it is purely a numerical control at
> last check and does not allow you to choose a setting that is regional
> (like "America/New York" or "EST5EDT", which include Daylight Savings
> support).

ok so not automatic but I can still work with that.  I'll make sure to 
tell people testing solar to please set that to the value for their region.

> Sugar reports only relative times in its core GUI, so I don't know how
> common it is for deployments or other users to actually change this
> setting. Setting a time zone other than UTC with 10.1.3 and prior may
> also expose a flaw where the offset is repetitively applied every
> reboot, shifting the clock.

Apparently not very common.  Grepping through my collection of 1217 
power log files I only found 61 of them that had that value set to 
something other than GMT or UTC.  Granted that most of those files where 
generated by me and I didn't know about that control but I also have a 
lot of logs from users.

Thanks for the info.

Richard A. Smith  <richard at>
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