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Paul Fox pgf at
Wed Mar 9 13:51:48 EST 2011

kevin wrote:
 > Mikus and James and the gang:
 > OK, the little 8GiB microSD card inserted into an SD adapter, inserted into
 > the external SD slot, passed the dir test that James said to perform at
 > OFW.  Didnt complain.  However, it is a "Class 2" Sandisk card, so it might
 > not really be the right way to go.  Before I do the surgery, armed with
 > silver heat sink paste, and being very careful about pressure on the m/b,

no paste is used when the laptops are manufactured, and none should
really be necessary afterward.  it's true that later head spreaders
were modified (with an extra attachment point) to ensure proper
contact with the cpu, but you can help ensure the same thing by gently
bending each of the flat feet that holds a screw slightly downward. 
(not the ones that _don't_ hold a screw -- leave those flat.)  bending
the mounting tabs down will cause the center of the heat spreader to
bow towards the motherboard when the screws flatten out the feet.

there's a picture here:
(it's an attachment to this devel message: )

 > and having my anti-static wrist guard properly attached - advice please: go,
 > no-go, spend the extra pennies and get a Class 4/6/8/10.  All I know for
 > sure is the 2GiB card in there has to be replaced.  There are progressively

if you're using the machine a lot, and you have the pennies, the difference
a faster card makes will be noticeable.


 > more and  red squares appearing on every refresh, and since this is a
 > 'contributors machine' that I screw up regularly testing a billion USB
 > contraptions, I reload almost every day that I use it :-)
 > Thanks gents.

and ladies, i'm sure.

 paul fox, pgf at

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