Suspend_while_charging bug

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at
Wed Jun 22 03:11:43 EDT 2011

I have a strange bug I have noticed XO-1.5/os23/Gnome, but not sure if it is exclusive to the settings. 
It was true also for os22 and maybe earlier. 
Have not noticed it on the XO-1 but is not going through this condition often enough to exclude it.

Suspend the XO-1.5 closing the lid while an app is open and put it to charge on the top of an XO-1 that is not charging. 
If you leave it long enough (few hours to O/N) you find the XO with the battery fully charged and the power light ON eg not in suspend.
Opening the XO and pressing the power button leaves the XO still with a powered off screen and no way to use it other than forcing a power-off with the power button and restart.
Unfortunately this is not happening 100% of the time (I have noticed it 5-6 times the last couple of weeks)

Given the implication for data loss I think that it worths investigating further. 
I was wondering though 
a) if anybody else has seen this
b) given that I have a serial adapter what should I be looking at?

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