[support-gang] using usb2vga with 11.2.0 and 10.1.3

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Sat Jun 18 08:47:17 EDT 2011

On 18 June 2011 13:39, Kevin Gordon <kgordon420 at gmail.com> wrote:
> First results, and I do apologize but I wont have any more time until
> tomorrow to test further
> 3 different XO's:  USB2VGA and USB2VGA2 work first time everytime using
> build 860.  Same 3 XO 1's, using os23 the external adapters work never.  Not
> intermittently, never.  The single dot is the one with the V not the one
> with the X.  There was one weird thing, on one of the USB ports on one of
> the XO's it got to the third dot then the animation switched to the console
> and then the machine hung.  For fun, plugging in the adapter after a boot,
> LSUSB output does show the device correctly attached to the USB2 hub.  But
> booting with the device attached to that port is still unsuccessful.  I have
> *not* tried the XO 1.5's yet.

In this case you should boot with the check game key to (hopefully)
see more info at the point of hang.


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