advantage of full linux over android for OLPC

Carlos Nazareno object404 at
Tue Jan 18 04:11:50 EST 2011

> They are dev machines. There are people using them for exactly that.
> They also support the full java stack although its probably somewhat
> slow on the XO-1.
> Peter

Yeah, I was using Processing on the XO 1.

It worked fine under Sugar, you just had to launch it via command line
and it was a little tricky with the windows.

Kudos on the switch and getting stuff to run on ARM. Low power = big big deal!

(btw, is the battery tech still the same between the XO-1, 1.5 and 1.75)?

Anyway, the next someone asks about "why not android?" the simple
answer is that we want users to be able to be fully able to generate
content for a wider variety of platforms (Python, C, C++, Java, etc),
and full linux has tons of tools at users' disposal :)


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