advantage of full linux over android for OLPC

Arne Babenhauserheide arne_bab at
Tue Jan 18 07:25:26 EST 2011

On Tuesday 18 January 2011 17:11:50 Carlos Nazareno wrote:
> > They are dev machines. There are people using them for exactly that.
> > They also support the full java stack although its probably somewhat
> > slow on the XO-1.
> > 
> > Peter
> Yeah, I was using Processing on the XO 1.

I’ve been using an XO with Gentoo Linux as working system for more than a 
year, now, and it works very well (coding, writing, reading PDFs). Since the 
first thing I always did in sugar was switching to the console, I installed 
just xmonad and emacs + some development stuff (for example boost and similar 
which are quite huge). 

If anyone is interested, I can post the update-scripts. 

Best wishes, 
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