Language support for 11.2.0

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Sun Feb 6 09:46:07 EST 2011

On Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 12:42 PM, Daniel Drake <dsd at> wrote:
> On 4 February 2011 13:42, Peter Robinson <pbrobinson at> wrote:
>> en_UK please.
> If you tell me that there's an active UK deployment or that one is
> likely to happen in the next 6 months then I'll add it, but we do need
> to keep this limited to actual deployments to avoid proliferation.
> Also, as there are no XO laptops which come with the manufacturing
> data set to en_UK, you will have to hack the build, adjust the
> manufacturing data of all the laptops, or manually change the locale
> after installing the systems.

I would have thought there's be a lot of cross over between en_AU and
en_UK as in terms of spelling and similar related things the language
is pretty much the same with the only major difference being keyboard
layout. So from that point of view what is the impact in terms of

There is hopefully one planned this year but the people involved in
doing it are somewhat quiet at the moment.


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