License files - L10n

John Gilmore gnu at
Tue Aug 16 19:08:31 EDT 2011

The theory was to provide, in flash, the unofficial license
translations in the languages primarily used in deployments,
e.g. Spanish.  That way the kids can actually tell what rights they
have without having to (1) learn English, or (2) access a perhaps
nonexistent or very slow Internet connection.

Providing the English language license is a requirement of the
licenses themselves; if you ship the software, you must provide them.
Providing the unofficial translations is not a requirement of the
licenses.  But how can you teach kids the principles of free software
without them ever being able to read how they can apply those principles
in their own life with the software right in front of them?

(Indeed some of the deployments appear to have never read nor
understood the licenses -- or to just be corrupt -- since they violate
the TiVoization clause.  Having locally readable licenses may help fix
that, too.)

The license translations are tiny -- a couple of kbytes each -- so
flash space isn't a big issue.

>							I'm just hoping
> to close a simple ticket here and this is the easiest and most correct
> solution I could devise.

Easiest, certainly.  Most correct, no.


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