License files - L10n

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at
Tue Aug 16 12:16:53 EDT 2011


I'm hoping to close a ticket in the OLPC Trac, and I wanted to float
my proposed solution past the group.

This ticket

Suggests providing translated versions of the licenses.

My answer is that we can't *replace* license files with translated
versions as only Englsih is "official" and we shouldn't add to
theworkload and confusion by adding "unofficial" versions anyway, but
we can point people to the home of "unofficial" translated versions on
an "official" site.

Does that sound like a reasonable compromise under the circumstances?
I realize anything having to do with licenses is likely to promote a
firestorm, whcih is not my intent.  I also realize that any decision
on modifying license files needs to be taken by suitable
management-level people on behalf of their projects.  I'm just hoping
to close a simple ticket here and this is the easiest and most correct
solution I could devise.


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