C\C++ & SDL

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Mon Aug 8 10:43:56 EDT 2011

mustafa wrote:
 > a C++, python, C, Java, vala, Scala, (maybe C# too) ide with a
 > couple of tuts for each language bundled with the OLPC XO will be
 > great so kids can learn programming

contrary to what some believe, the goal of the XO, and the OLPC
project overall, is not to teach kids programming.  the goal is to
help kids learn _lots_ of things -- programming, and familiarity with
computing, is one small part of an education that includes learning to
read, to write, to do math, to understand geography, or astronomy, or
biology, or..., or..., or...

the XO already support 4 (to my knowledge) programming environments as
Activities, and as others have said, more languages (C++, java,
whatever) are readily installable, if not under sugar.  i'd rather see
Physics, for instance, become better suited as an instructional tool
than support for more computer languages.

 paul fox, pgf at laptop.org

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