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i know C++ is hard but i find python inefficient and not widely used on the other hand i guess C++ is used by nearly everyone and kids everywhere should know C++ not python as C++ improves the brain :)

a C++, python, C, Java, vala, Scala, (maybe C# too) ide with a couple of tuts for each language bundled with the OLPC XO will be great so kids can learn programming

I'm really new to this free S/W thing and this is the first time i use mailing lists and I've never improved any Open Source projects so some help with that would be appreciated

teaching kids python is good because it is quite easy i know some python but not a lot and if you need any help just tell me (how to help :) )

Thank you,
Ahmed Mustafa Nematallah

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I think is unreal compare C/C++ difficult with Python. 
And we have a lot of work to do to improve our tolls to enable kids to program with Python.
But is a free software project.... you can work in this of course :)


2011/8/7 mustafa nematallah <ahmed_nematallah at hotmail.com>


i think OLPC should support programming in C\C++

i'm sure many students can learn to program C++\C and SDL on XO laptops

if you need i can start some simple tuts on SDL and C++ for the OLPC and i can try to help port an IDE for C\C++\Python\etc.... too

another thing

i think AMDs new fusion processors can help make XOs better as they are quite cheap, consume less power (and give less heat) and also they dont need a northbridge as they contain the Graphics chip and memory controller

Thank you,
Ahmed Mustafa Nematallah


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