better touchpad+keyboard combo for sale (retail pre-orders for XO-1 especially)

Holt holt at
Sun Apr 17 15:33:23 EDT 2011

Units will ship in just over a month -- preorders are $40 here:

This new touchpad+keyboard come together as 1-unit, called the Base 
Upper Assembly (or Upper Base Assembly) and should fit in all XO-1 
laptops, if not many/most XO-1.5s too.  It looks roughly like this:

This part is currently available with US/Intl/English keyboards only, 
when sold individually as such.  Sorry the minimum order quantity from 
China (for every XO keyboard, every language) is in fact in the thousands:

iLoveMyXO however is a fantastic supporter of the OLPC/Sugar community, 
with Jennifer Pierzchalski showing up in person for October 2010, and may consider discounts on 
(large) bulk orders if you are helping a serious microdeployment / 
school etc. Don't hesitate to contact if so!

For replacement/repair instructions does anyone know if a better 
explanation/visuals are available than these classic set created by Olin 
College volunteers especially? 

The XO 1.5 USB Keyboard page also has some great relevant tips:

Of course, be VERY careful given all keyboard/touchpad replacement can 
damage delicate nearby parts -- review these warnings:

Help kids everywhere map their world, at !

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