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Excerpts from Kevin Gordon's message of Sun Apr 17 17:19:36 +0200 2011:

> any build before.  Log in as root (su -)   Write a little script - it can be
> a one liner, "echo Hello World"  is good enough.  Save it as to a
> USB stick which has been formatted FAT32 and has a volume name FEDORA. Do a
> "Chmod +x /media/FEDORA/".

Let me provide another piece of the puzzle: FAT is the file system that
was designed for DOS. Unlike the older Unix systems DOS didn't have the
concept of permissions, so neither has FAT. Assignment of ownership and
permissions for FAT file systems is always based on heuristics,
controlled by mount options. For your case the options exec/noexec (file
system independent), umask, fmask and showexec (FAT only) are relevant.

If you want "real" POSIX permissions support on a FAT file system, you
need to use umsdos [1]. Make sure you understand the principles of
operation and the associated drawbacks first, esp. if you use the same
USB stick with other systems that do not run umsdos. Nobody I know ever
went to the trouble of using it, not even when most of our systems were
still running OS/2.


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