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Tue Apr 5 08:23:17 EDT 2011

Hi Scott!

The IAEP thread if I am not mistaken is this:

When last time I proposed similar things on the mailing list all I have 
got were:
1. Do not tell others what to do!
3. I want others to drop all sugar code now!
4. People unsubscribed from the list because of me. (At least it was a 
good excuse I guess...)
So congratulations, you have *way* better communication skills that I 
will ever have, your thread was fascinating to read.

In the meantime I personally changed my preferences regarding this Sugar 
"rewrite" on Android, and now I see how stupid was I. The problem is 
that there is no need to "rewrite" stuff on Android when there is a much 
more easier, cross-platform thing exists and it is HTML5!!! (I have even 
tested chrome's speed on an XO-1 and it is totally acceptable.)
When I skimmed over the activities in the Sugar Activity Store :) I 
realized that there are not too many of them. Most of the activities 
fall into the following 3 categories:
1. Small activities which can be easily rewritten.
2. Big activities which are ported to Sugar (etoys, scratch, write).
3. GCompris. A lot of them.
4. It can be that Uruguay and Peru created a lot of stuff I do not know 
about and I am stupid.
So I clearly cannot see the need for invisible perfect compatibility 
because 2-3 are already ports so they must be ported anyway, and 1. does 
not contain that much activities to warrant such amount of work in my 
opinion. But you know, I will not tell you what (not) to do... ;)

What you do not seem to take into consideration are these:
1. Activities should move to a per activity storage model (like Android 
does) otherwise your compatibility layer will not work too well.
2. The Sugar HIG will result in pathetic touch controlled applications, 
even if  the problems can be fixed by the excellent suggestions of Gary 
C Martin (here:
Okay, actually I think that you totally understand 2. so I just do not 
get what your point with invisible compatibility is...

Good luck anyway,

BTW, in the next 4 weeks I will rewrite Sugar to HTML5... :)

On 2011.04.05. 0:09, C. Scott Ananian wrote:
> I've posted a four week plan for XO-3 software exploration at
> Briefly:
> April 4-8: Android
> April 11-15: Chrome/ChromeOS/NativeClient
> April 18-22: Get down&  dirty with mesh
> April 25-29: Yanking legacy Sugar codebase into the future
> May 2-6: in Uruguay to present results and discuss all this w/ Sugar
> folks in person
> I'll be posting more about each project as I dig into them; there are
> also threads on IAEP where I've discussed all these topics before, so
> they shouldn't come as too much of a surprise.
> There are other ideas out there, and I'm not going to *finish* any of
> these investigations in a single week.  Feel free to ask questions and
> suggest other projects -- although please read the existing
> discussions first if you can.  In order to actually get work done w/o
> endless distraction, I'll probably try to avoid getting into lots of
> details for projects other than the one I'm currently focusing on.
>   --scott
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