The next four weeks

C. Scott Ananian cscott at
Mon Apr 4 18:09:29 EDT 2011

I've posted a four week plan for XO-3 software exploration at

April 4-8: Android
April 11-15: Chrome/ChromeOS/NativeClient
April 18-22: Get down & dirty with mesh
April 25-29: Yanking legacy Sugar codebase into the future
May 2-6: in Uruguay to present results and discuss all this w/ Sugar
folks in person

I'll be posting more about each project as I dig into them; there are
also threads on IAEP where I've discussed all these topics before, so
they shouldn't come as too much of a surprise.

There are other ideas out there, and I'm not going to *finish* any of
these investigations in a single week.  Feel free to ask questions and
suggest other projects -- although please read the existing
discussions first if you can.  In order to actually get work done w/o
endless distraction, I'll probably try to avoid getting into lots of
details for projects other than the one I'm currently focusing on.

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