Bad interaction between sleep timeouts and Salut?

Hal Murray hmurray at
Thu Sep 16 04:45:46 EDT 2010

> Assuming the problem is in the Avahi level, we should make sure that the
> system is coming out from suspend when the radio receives multicast activity
> directed to us so Avahi can properly update its internal state and also for
> activities using clique (multi-user chat rooms on server-less XMPP). A
> couple more of references: 

I'm pretty sure that XO-1 doesn't wakeup on broadcast packets.  In 
particular, it doesn't wakeup on ARP broadcasts.

Does this work on XO-1.5?

Until that gets fixed, you can set up the ARP table by hand so you can find 
the next layer of bugs.  man arp for the details.

It's not clear that you want to wakeup on generic broadcasts.  That will just 
eat up a lot of battery to throw away junk packets.  On the other hand, you 
probably want to wakeup on ARPs for your IP address and multicast packets if 
your interface is setup to listen to that address.

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