Initial F14 developers-only release for XO and XO-1.5

Simon Schampijer simon at
Sat Sep 11 06:09:01 EDT 2010

On 09/01/2010 07:22 AM, Daniel Drake wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Daniel,

first of all - thanks for your excellent work!

> After seeing the community help significantly with F11-on-XO
> development, I'm wondering if we can do something similar for a future
> release. So, I've taken the first few steps in getting OLPC's
> technologies rebased on Fedora 14 and Linux v2.6.35.
> The result has lots of problems, but I figure that publishing the work
> so far is the first step in getting things fixed.
> Things are in such an early stage that I'm labelling this as a
> developers-only release. To name a few: Sugar crashes all the time,
> the XO-1.5 camera doesn't work, there are some funky graphics bugs on
> XO-1, no power management, DCON doesn't work right on either laptop,
> desktop switching lands you at a blank screen.
> For now, please don't file bugs unless you include patches. And, to
> take 1 bite at a time out of this huge task, lets ignore all but the
> biggest sugar issues for now because there is plenty of OS work to be
> done first. (or alternatively lets take sugar issues directly to SL
> trac)
> And the links:
> 2.6.35 kernel is in git:// branch olpc-2.6.35
> OS build is done from 'f14' branch of olpc-os-builder
> First released images are at
> Trac is at (basically my immediate
> TODO), please don't file tickets unless you include patches in these
> early days
> Note: I haven't tested those exact images (since Chris @ OLPC built
> them), so boot-testing them can be the first task for someone. I have
> been working from the same codebases making local images successfully,
> so they will probably work (to the extent that things are working).

The XO-1.0 build does boot fine here. After installing the latest sugar 
package [1] I get quite good results. This is very promising. Yay!!!

The XO-1.5 build does not boot for me, I get the following after 
flashing the image:

Boot device: /wlan Argumenst:
Scan for: OLPCOFW not found
Scan for: school-mesh-0 not found
Scan for: school-mesh-1 not found
Scan for: school-mesh-2 not found
<buffer at ff83b080>:0:
Can't open boot device

Anyone else booted the XO-1.5 image already?



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