Initial F14 developers-only release for XO and XO-1.5

pbrobinson at pbrobinson at
Sat Sep 4 19:50:08 EDT 2010

On Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 10:24 AM, Mikus Grinbergs <mikus at> wrote:
>> For now, please don't file bugs unless you include patches.
> I can understand not wanting bug reports against items which OLPC/Sugar
> are still in the process of changing.  But why defer reporting problems
> which might not be addressed unless there was a report ?
> For instance, Read-87 fails to launch on XO-1 os1 (F14) when it tries to
>  'import evince'.  Though the necessary gnome-python2-evince package was
> not included in the os1 build, when I manually install that package from
> the yum Fedora-14 repositories, the import statement still fails --
> apparently because the module provided by the current
> Fedora-14 package has internal inconsistencies.  I myself do not have a
> Python test case which does 'import evince' - nor do I have a patch -
> but perhaps the maintainers of the Read Activity might want to discuss
> this situation with the maintainers of Python on Fedora 14.

This is a known problem with Read at the moment. I fixed the package
the other day and its filtering through the updates-testing. There's a
number of fairly large number of issues with Fedora 14 at the moment
due to the new systemd and python 2.7 not to mention some quite big
gnome related changes. We're preparing the SoaS 4 release based on
this as well so the SoaS team are aware of a number of issues and
we're working as quickly as possible to fix them (but the 3 people in
the team are also very busy with other life related things as well)
and this will benefit this release as well because both teams can work
towards the same goal.


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