Paraguay's os-builder

Daniel Drake dsd at
Wed May 26 11:05:48 EDT 2010

On 26 May 2010 10:24, Esteban Bordon <ebordon at> wrote:
> Hi Bernie,
> I'm trying to generate a f11 build using the file used to generate build of
> Paraguay. I'm using
> I did it, but when I re-flash my XO touchpad doesn't work.
> Do you know this bug? Maybe I'm not using the correct .ini file.

I'm guessing but I suspect this will be due to a conflict with a
backwards-incompatible change introduced in the latest olpc-utils, vs
the Paraguay kernel being a bit outdated (not including a recent
change in the mouse driver).
I will do a new olpc-utils release today which makes the change
Also of interest to your work will be a new dracut-modules-olpc
release that I'll make today, we accidently broke activation in the
last one.


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