Paraguay's os-builder

Daniel Drake dsd at
Wed May 26 11:12:24 EDT 2010

On 26 May 2010 12:05, Daniel Drake <dsd at> wrote:
> I'm guessing but I suspect this will be due to a conflict with a
> backwards-incompatible change introduced in the latest olpc-utils, vs
> the Paraguay kernel being a bit outdated (not including a recent
> change in the mouse driver).
> I will do a new olpc-utils release today which makes the change
> backwards-compatible.

Ah, this release has already been made, so perhaps we're dealing with
a different problem.
Can you check to see which version of olpc-utils is included in your
build? Look in the packages.txt output file, it should be v1.0.23.

On the running system, you could check if the psmouse module has been
loaded (use "lsmod"). You can also check to see if the system has been
allowed to sleep/suspend, another issue we saw recently was that the
mouse stops working after the system has been allowed to sleep or

A third possible cause of this problem is that hald is not running or
has crashed, you could check with "ps ax | grep hal"


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