[support-gang] touchpad woes: quick fix?

Caryl Bigenho cbigenho at hotmail.com
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Wow... that is really expensive!  What if you simply turned the XO screen to face forward, set a laptop with a good built-in web cam in front of it, and drove the projector with the laptop?  It might take a little bit of adjusting, but it should work.  If you use a laptop and dongle that you probably already have the cost is $0.
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Has anyone tried using a document camera to display the XO screen on a big screen?  Teachers have started using them at my school although there is only one to share among 10+ teachers.  I thought it might solve the problem of not being able to connect an LCD projector.  What other solutions have people come up with for showing the class how to do something?

Something along the line of this-

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