F11 on XO-1: keyboard & trackpad stopped working

Carlos Nazareno object404 at gmail.com
Sat May 15 02:25:26 EDT 2010

Hi guys. I just installed the official Fedora 11 you guys are working
on for the XO-1.

For some bizarre reason, the trackpad and keyboard stopped working on
both Gnome and Sugar.

Sticking a USB mouse works, and if I press ESC during boot to show the
"OK" prompt, I'm able to type fine at the boot console though.

Trackpad and keyboard work fine too when I stick in Teapot's Ubuntu
8.10 on an SD card.

Any ideas what happened? Last night after I freshly installed Fedora,
the trackpad was working (albeit flakily... doing the four-finger
corner keys salute wouldn't reset the trackpad).

carlos nazareno
core team member
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