surprisingly early suspend

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Mon Mar 8 00:05:34 EST 2010

> Suspend happens after fifteen seconds of no UI interaction
> (there are other criteria as well).

What I was surprised by was that suspend occurred when I failed to type
in ("UI interact" within its time limit) the name it prompted me for
(this was during an initial boot-up of a newly-installed build).

I suppose that a first-time user of an XO will continue entering
keystrokes when no feedback is evident (it took time for my XO to "wake
up" from its suspended state) -- but does suspending in this situation
leave a good "first impression" when a newbie powers up a virgin XO ?


p.s.  The XO woke up *once* I had pressed keys at the its built-in green
keyboard - but until I saw the screen "brightening", I really had no
idea as to why it appeared to be unresponsive (I didn't expect suspend).

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