Documents ???

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sun Jun 27 01:42:50 EDT 2010

>> Looking at Journal View as presented by sugar-0.88.1-5.3bernie.fc11,
>> a "Documents" icon shows up in the lower left (in the View's margin).
> It's an unfinished feature that was planned for F11-0.88: to easily
> interchange documents with Gnome, the user's Documents directory appears
> in the journal volumes bar. It should have a folder icon and be on the
> right of the journal itself.

[The "Documents" icon (looking like an USB stick) appeared to the left
of the journal itself.]

There happen to be curmudgeons like me - who dislike "canned facilities"
pre-built into distributions - we prefer to define our own folder names.

The very first thing I do when I install Fedora is to get rid of as many
to-me-useless folders in /home as I can.  No wonder Journal View stalled
for me when I clicked on its "Documents" icon -- it could not FIND any
"Documents" folder !!

Thanks - I appreciate your explanation.


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