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El Sun, 27-06-2010 a las 00:42 -0500, Mikus Grinbergs escribió:

> [The "Documents" icon (looking like an USB stick) appeared to the left
> of the journal itself.]
> There happen to be curmudgeons like me - who dislike "canned facilities"
> pre-built into distributions - we prefer to define our own folder names.
> The very first thing I do when I install Fedora is to get rid of as many
> to-me-useless folders in /home as I can.  No wonder Journal View stalled
> for me when I clicked on its "Documents" icon -- it could not FIND any
> "Documents" folder !!

The default directory is determined with "xdg-user-dir DOCUMENTS". One
could change it by editing ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs . In the beginning
we had a control panel applet to configure the directory, but we thought
it wasn't a good idea so we removed it.

Anyway, we're probably going to remove this feature because we don't
have gnome in the first place.

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