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Sun Jun 27 00:45:31 EDT 2010

El Fri, 25-06-2010 a las 20:56 -0500, Mikus Grinbergs escribió:
> Looking at Journal View as presented by sugar-0.88.1-5.3bernie.fc11,
> a "Documents" icon shows up in the lower left (in the View's margin).
> I am confused by the presence of this new icon.  I have NOT explicitly
> identified any "Documents" - neither in internal XO storage nor in
> external XO storage.  Yet this new icon appears next to my existing
> "storage device" icons for Journal (internal) and SD card (external).
> What is the purpose of this "Documents" icon in Journal View footer ?
> Should it be shown even when the user hasn't set up "Documents" ?

It's an unfinished feature that was planned for F11-0.88: to easily
interchange documents with Gnome, the user's Documents directory appears
in the journal volumes bar. It should have a folder icon and be on the
right of the journal itself.

Since we're going to disable Gnome, this feature will probably also go
away in a future build.

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