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On Sat, Jun 5, 2010 at 4:11 PM, Carlos Nazareno <object404 at> wrote:
> For those of you who've successfully installed AIR, can you email me
> in private with the steps you went through (and on which OS/image) so
> I can put it on the Wiki?

Good effort. The trick is -- roughly -- to

 - take an XO with the desired OS
 - install a whole lot of rpms needed for rpm building (rpm-dev metapackage?)
 - mv /usr/bin/rpm /usr/bin/rpm.real
 - create /usr/bin/rpm as a shellscript, something like
   echo GO GRAB IT NOW
   echo "$@"
   sleep 60
   /usr/bin/rpm.real $@
 - run the weird Adobe AIR installer from the commandline -- when it
starts actually installing it...
 - look at the commandline session, eventually it will shout "GO GRAB
IT NOW" and give you the parameters rpm was called with -- one is a
path to a file, that's the rpm file you want, copy it elsewhere within
60 seconds. This will happen *twice* -- there are 2 rpms to grab. I
think the rpms are creatively called setup.deb .

 - lastly, bring your real rpm command back and get rid of the shell script

I probably missed some step -- I'd suggest try the process out to iron
out the kinks.

And put ONE BIG WARNING. The Adobe distribution license says that
messing with the install process and distributing a different
installer are both forbidden. Talk to your lawyer.

> Next, I'll update the Flash issues wiki page
> [] with data from the bug
> tracker over the next few days.

That's good, however, if you are reviewing the bug DB, just add an
"adobeflash" in the freeform "keywords" field. Then you can just put a
link to a search for that keyword.

> There's probably more Flash bugs listed at the bug tracker, but using
> just "Flash" as a keyword search turns up too many other unrelated
> pages (like Flash as in memory storage).

Exactly. SPI Flash, Flash NAND and Flash Gordon all get in the way.
Use an unambiguous keyword and done.

> Hope to make the Flash & AIR issue wikis more presentable by next week
> so that the Adobe folks can start looking into them. (they'll probably
> also need access to XO machines)


There's a long standing hard bug of non-accelerated video on Linux
(not just XO). That hurts hurts HURTS any Linux device. There is some
backstory on that -- it's whether to use Xv or not, whether the video
frames can be grabbed from the Xv pipeline to overlay stuff on top or
not - early Flash9 used Xv, then stopped, and vid performance sucked
ever since.


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