AIR + Flash/AIR issues wikis

John Gilmore gnu at
Mon Jun 7 02:02:45 EDT 2010

> There's a long standing hard bug of non-accelerated video on Linux
> (not just XO). That hurts hurts HURTS any Linux device. There is some
> backstory on that -- it's whether to use Xv or not, whether the video
> frames can be grabbed from the Xv pipeline to overlay stuff on top or
> not - early Flash9 used Xv, then stopped, and vid performance sucked
> ever since.

Prerelease versions of gnash now have accelerated video on Linux.  It
uses the terrible Intel-designed vaapi (it only accelerates video
codecs that Intel approves of, and is not readily extensible).  But
it's better than nothing.  Is there a vaapi accelerated video
implementation for the XO-1.5?


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