Update procedure 10.1.1 XO1.5

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Mon Jul 5 04:54:23 EDT 2010

> on os205 with no additional software installed a youtube.com ... did not
> play, a message "An error occurred, please try again later." appeared.

I got that same message in Browse-108 on os205 with youtube.  Noticed
that on my XO-1.5 sound was not working for movies.  After running
around in circles, I *forced* a re-install of 'alsa-utils' -- that
restored sound output.  [Don't know if my own actions prior to trying
Browse had deleted the sound, or if something was missing in os205.]

I did install additional software when I picked up os205 - for instance,
I use the latest Adobe Flash instead of Gnash.  With "getting sound
working" being the only change, I went back to Browse.  This time it
would play youtube clips.  [And with youtube quality set to 'p240',
rendering of video motion was quite acceptable.]


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