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Please all join us right now reviewing the latest OLPC/Sugar community 
projects over IRC Live Chat:

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* Fast Review of the 4 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
 join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

 1. Open Solace - Haiti / New York, Los Angeles
 2. NACIF OLPC-Lending Library in Gomoa-Dasum District of Ghana - New York
 3. OLPC Pilot Education Project at Alamparai - India
 4. Project Success Links: 3 Projects For Change - Los Angeles

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

1. Open Solace - Haiti / New York, Los Angeles
   Requests 1,680 (or 25 initially) XOs over undetermined months

   Project Objectives:
   To provide compelling 2 way video communications between Haitians and the
   compassionate communities inside the US and around the world that include
   Haitian communities, church groups, Media organizations

   Our objective is to establish a method for American Haitian 
communities to
   send video messages of love, compassion, and inspiration to their 
   friends and citizens of Haiti. We also plan to get video messages out of
   Haiti and deliver them to the American Haitian communities. We will
   encourage anyone to compose video postcards of hope to be sent to 
Haiti, by
   means of new media, News organizations, PR and word of mouth.

   Setting up residence in a secured Haitian NGO camp. Recruiting
   *5* bilingual locals instructors then educating those instructors on
   the value of the interviews and their intended use. Then train the 
instructors how to
   use the video recording app and the list of list of interview 
questions then
   role playing those questions. measure, adjust and repeat until we have
   *25* instructors. Once done We will set up our projector in the evening
   and show american messages of inspiration and use that moment to 
announce the Open
   Haiti project. 25 is the appropriate number because we have 25 portable
   solar powers tested and approved by manufacturer on OLPC. And 25 is the
   maximum number that can be managed by a worst case scenario of one 

   May cache to a local server and then "broadcast" the data to the public
   server as communications allow.

2. NACIF OLPC-Lending Library in Gomoa-Dasum District of Ghana - New York

   Requests 4 XOs over 3 months

   Project Objectives:
   Objectives Our goal is to build a number of "paperless" libraries in
   which OLPCs replace paper books. NACIF is a charitable organization
   dedicated to helping young girls obtain a great education and, 
towards this
   goal, is building or equipping a number of libraries in remote 
villages in
   Ghana. The cost of supplying books to these libraries is however 
   and NACIF has decided it can provide serve more girls by using 
e-books. The
   OLPC is the perfect medium for such a project in the areas in which NACIF
   works. Most importantly, we want to encourage girls to create and share
   content about their community, something they cannot easily do with 
   The content will include creating diaries, news articles, and 
   Thus, the OLPC provides these girls with the "active" educational 
   as opposed to the passive education they will gain through reading paper

3. OLPC Pilot Education Project at Alamparai - India

   Requests 35 XOs over 12 months

   Project Objectives:
   Introducing the OLPC as a pilot project for 30 to 35 children at the
   Panchayat Union Alamparai Middle School with intention to expand to
   surrounding schools, organizations, and experts to adapt this XO
   technology for the successful achievement of the Educational goals.
   Assessment of the initial success of the project will then inform the
   rate of progress on expanding OLPC to the wider community.
   Fully equipping school teachers by rendering appropriate training in the
   use of the new technology for instructing their students.
   Improving the standard of Education with the aegis of new intervention
   and pave the way for attaining the self goals of each and every children
   targeted under this project.
   Creating conducive environment with the help of the XO technology to
   elicit the children?s interest in learning the Science and English
   Initiating the knowledge revolution among the children and the youth in
   the community.

4. Project Success Links: 3 Projects For Change - Los Angeles area, 

   Requests 15 XOs over undetermined months

   Project Objectives:
   Our project objective is to inspire and educate elementary school 
   to take an active role in their community by utilize technology tools 
for 3
   Projects for Change.

   This project-oriented program will also act as a professional development
   program, which can help kids identify personal skills and develop career
   interests. The success of these projects will introduce different 
   activities that can be emulated by other children.
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