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Wed Jan 6 12:31:22 EST 2010

On Wed, Jan 06, 2010 at 10:12:44AM -0600, Mikus Grinbergs wrote:

> For me, the Alt+Tab switch time on the XO is around one second (or 
> less)
> to the next window.
It takes several seconds for me, especially if Browse is involved. I'm 
running sugar-jhbuild (=> debug logging) on an abysmally slow SD card 
(or almost-as-slow NFS-root-over-USB-ethernet-adapter), though.

> Becomes burdensome only when there are *many* windows to cycle through 
> - and it is rare that I have many open.
On my desktop I often have some 50 windows spread over several 
workspaces each containing about a dozen of those windows inside a frame 
(where I can switch between them using keyboard or mouse).
On the XO-1, I wouldn't even think of that, of course. With the memory 
usage of most activities more than a handful of them is simply 

> The developers suggested, when there are many windows open, not using 
> Alt+Tab but instead clicking __in the Frame__ on the icon of the 
> specific window to be switched to.
I'm sometimes doing that, but since I loathe pointer devices and the 
first-generation XO-1 touchpad is more often misbehaving than not, this 
is only a last resort.

> With the availability nowadays of 'Tabs' in Terminal (and in 
> browsers),
> I'm switching much more often *within* an application than *between*
> applications.  In Terminal, Ctl+Shift+Horizontal_Arrow switches 
> quickly.
Good to know about that shortcut (can we expose it somewhere, please?). 
Unfortunately Terminal is broken for me (it crashes somewhere inside vte 
as soon as it's asked to save its state).

CU Sascha

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