Sugar window managing UI

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Wed Jan 6 11:12:44 EST 2010

> What I hate about the Sugar window managing UI is:
> a) _very_ long switching time
> b) there's no way to switch to a specific window (=activity instance),
> I need to cycle through all of them with Alt+Tab

For me, the Alt+Tab switch time on the XO is around one second (or less)
to the next window.  Becomes burdensome only when there are *many*
windows to cycle through - and it is rare that I have many open.

There was a long discussion about this way back when (I don't have a
cite).  [For each switch, the OLPC developers wanted indication in the
Neighborhood View of the *other* users as to the window (i.e., Activity)
in which *this* user now participated.]  The developers suggested, when
there are many windows open, not using Alt+Tab but instead clicking __in
the Frame__ on the icon of the specific window to be switched to.

With the availability nowadays of 'Tabs' in Terminal (and in browsers),
 I'm switching much more often *within* an application than *between*
applications.  In Terminal, Ctl+Shift+Horizontal_Arrow switches quickly.


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