The Saga Continues

Chris Ball cjb at
Sun Feb 21 11:10:57 EST 2010

Hi Mikus,

   > The problem shows up in the
   > latest Activity versions from SugarLabs - now in Flip Sticks-4
   > as well as in Cartoon Builder-9 and in Speak-12.

Mails about this needs to be on the sugar-devel at
mailing list, because I think the people who are making these changes
are not subscribed to the OLPC lists.

   > For myself, I do not believe that the target environment for
   > using OLPCs should involve "calling home" (to a server on the
   > internet) for missing pieces.  Although these new Activity
   > versions are described as fitting Sugar versions 0.82 - 0.88, I
   > do not think they are suited to the OLPC.

I quite agree.

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>
One Laptop Per Child

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