SoaS Strawberry + Gnome + Switch Desktop

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Mon Feb 22 05:49:22 EST 2010

Thanks to some good hints from Sebastian (and the scripts from his git
repo), I got a respin of SoaS that is fairly similar to the 10.1.0

What's good about it?

 - It has Gnome and the desktop switcher

 - It has the OLPC packages, including updated Sugar packages,
olpc-utils & olpc-netutils (with the init.d and profile.d scripts
disabled or rm'd...)

 - I've heard mentions that Record did not work on Strawberry -- I can
confirm that with a UVC camera, Record works correctly on this img.

What is not perfect about it?

 - On the first boot, it does not shutdown properly (and doesn't log anything).

 - The Activities list and versions is from SoaS, not from OLPC.

 - The desktop switcher is there, but when switching it shows a login
screen (...just hit enter...). It is sometimes blocked by the "sugar
does not shutdown issue".

 - It's a very rough mix of SoaS kickstart and the F11 kickstarts
found in olpc-os-builder.

You will find it in - scp tells me the
transfer will complete in ~4hs.

$ sha1sum Soas1-matcholpc-201002201915.iso
4a704609b2eccb9e67d550b97a266196c6d3c72a Soas1-matcholpc-201002201915.iso
$ du -sh Soas1-matcholpc-201002201915.iso
527M	Soas1-matcholpc-201002201915.iso

The nasty patches I had to apply to the SoaS kickstarts are here:

(or will be there in about 1hr when cgit's cronjob finds it...)


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