USB Ethernet test

James Cameron quozl at
Sun Dec 19 22:39:53 EST 2010

On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 02:27:58AM +0000, Kevin Gordon wrote:
> Have to say I'm seeing the same as Mikus, the auto-assigned icons do
> not appear in the frame.  The wireless ones, the 3G modems do appear,
> and the USB when hooked to a DHCP providing ethernet router do.  But
> on any of the XO 1s and 1.5s at 852 using the avahi workaround , they
> do not .  Also I was able to 'get online' and share with chat when
> wireless, but not when cross-over connected with the avahi workaround,
> even though the machines do show in the network view map.

Missing a default route or a 224.x.x.x broadcast route then.
avahi-autoipd is not the only step required.

James Cameron

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