quick start info for kernel related bugs/fixes

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Thu Aug 26 06:30:24 EDT 2010

 Hi all, 
I have recently joined this list, so please excuse me if I am unknowingly breaking any mailing conventions.

I am looking for some info for getting started. 
Firstly are there any patches/fixes which we need to get from upstream kernel, which are to be ported(or backported) to olpc kernel. Or may be there are patches/fixes in olpc-kernel which need to sent upstream? If yes, where can I get the information regarding them?
Secondly, is there any guides for this process(or olpc-kernel development process) which I can refer to? (or do we follow standard linux kernel process?)
Where can I look for git repo of current kernel? the one at this location( http://dev.laptop.org/git/kernel/release-8.2/log/) seems old.
Do we have any build system for kernel(as in periodically compiling and testing with new patches) or any other form of testing system.
I am using F12 on intel i686 machine with PAE kernel, not sure whether this setup is good for testing the fixes/patches? or any remote machine I can access for testing?




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